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Elon Musk
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Who's Elon Musk? CEO of Tesla

Born on 28 June 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa, son of a Canadian model and a South African electromechanical engineer.

Already superintelligent as a child

Elon Reeve Musk was born in South Africa (Pretoria) on 28 June 1971. Already super intelligent as a child, he was different from the others and was terribly bullied. Now Elon Musk is a brilliant visionary. He conceives and realizes things that are thought to be technologically impossible and does so with unprecedented enthusiasm and perseverance. He is intelligent, works 120 hours a week. But above all, if Elon Musk wants something, it happens.

An amazing list of projects

1983 - Blastar

Musk is 12 years old and programs together with his brother on one of the first primitive pc's (memory 5KB!), a video game "Blastar". They sell the source code for 500$.

1995 - Zip2

The Musk brothers start with "Zip2", an online golden guide. 4 Years later they sell Zip2 to Compaq for 307 million dollars.

1999 - PayPal

Elon Musk founds the online bank In 2000 he merged with a company (Confinity Inc.) that develops an e-commerce payment system PayPal). He becomes CEO and further expands Paypal and is its largest shareholder. In 2002 PauPal is sold to eBay for 1.5 billion dollars. Musk itself cashed 180 million dollars.

2002 - SpaceX

Musk launches SpaceX, a space company with the goal of making humanity swarm to multiple planets, starting with the colonization of Mars. By 2050 he wants 1 million people on Mars.

2004 - Tesla

Tesla car

Musk is at the cradle of Tesla. Now he is CEO and the driving force. He leads the product design, as well as the engineering, and the production process.

2012 - Hyperloop

The hyperloop is a transport system based on the idea of the tube post, where tubes are blown through under pressure. However, the hyperloop, or superfast vacuum train, works with a near-vacuum tube, in which capsules should reach speeds of more than 1000km/h by means of a magnetic floating system. The hyperloop system is still in the experimental stage and is currently being further developed in collaboration with other developers and universities.      

2016 - Solar City

In 2006 two cousins of Elon Musk founded Solar City at his suggestion. The company designed and installed solar energy systems. In 2016 the company was taken over by Tesla. It produces solar panels and batteries to store the generated electricity.

2016 - The Boring Company

Musk is thoroughly tired of the busy traffic in Los Angeles. He is stomping 'The Boring Company' out of the ground, a road infrastructure and tunnel company. Musk wants to build a super fast underground car transport system (hyperloop), based on the 'Magnetic Levitation' technique.

2016 - Neuralink

Together with a few others Musk Neuralink founds Corporation. Neuralink is a company that develops 'Brain-Machine Interfaces' (BMI's). Brain and computer are linked and exchange information. Neuralink currently focuses on solutions for certain medical problems (e.g. epilepsy). It is also the intention to use the BMI to make everyone super-intelligent.

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